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2014 Zip Line Tour Map

Printable Zip Line Tour Map

Zip Line Canopy Tours

eXplore Brown County offers 15 world-class zip lines, the Fastest, Longest and Tallest Twin Racing Zip Line in Indiana! Soar over a mile of cable from heights of 20’ to 70’ through treetops, over hollows and our lake. The zips incorporate trees and poles, with a mix of both ground and elevated take-offs and landings. The length of the zips range from 80' - 1220' and include tower rappelling, side-by-side zips, scenic tree towers and The Screamer! a 1/4-mile 1220' zip, an adventure you won’t soon forget!

There are 6 tours to choose from: eXplorer Tour zips #4-8 | Zip On Tour zips #1-3, 9 & 10 | Sneak Peek Tour zips #1-3 | The Screamer Tour zips #9 & 10 for groups 8+ call for booking, Be A Super Hero Zip and the two Night Flight Tours. You will begin the adventure with a rugged ride into the dense forest in an all-terrain, 10 wheel drive, Vietnam War Era 2-1/2 ton Military Deuce. Bring a group of 8-10 and safari ride 1/2-mile to the top in our Classic 1969 Fire Truck. NEW for October - Sunset Tours | Begin in the daylight and end in darkness with your headlamps. Tours available everyday beginning at 5:30 pm.


Leap of Faith Mini Aerial Adventure Tour:
Your group of 8 or more will gear up and gather at our Mini Aerial Adventure Tour consisting of 4 elements. tour begins with a 30’ monkey climb (guide assisted) up a white oak tree, through a hatch and onto a platform. Our guide will then coach as you ascend the 30-degree Stairway to Heaven bridge. You must now climb up off the bridge using a pool ladder. Congrats, you have made it to the Leap deck. Your guide will now explain ourFreefall Leap of Faith device and 3 Freefall options. Pull up, hang on and freefall! Our device will gently slow you down as you target our landing pad. Price is $25-$40 based on number of Leaps and group size. This tour is for Groups of 8 or more and we will be happy to quote your group.

Explorer Zip tour Leap of Faith option:
After experiencing the eXplorer Zip Tour (see our zip cartoon map), you now have an upgrade option. The repel lowering is our standard ending, but now we are offering the Leap of Faith ending. This will consist of the Stairway to Heaven bridge, pool ladder, and then our freefall Leap of Faith device with 3 Freefall options. Pull up, hang on and freefall! Our device will gently slow you down as you target our landing pad. Upgrade - $10 per person.

How is eXplore Brown County different from other zip lines in Indiana?

  • We use a hands-free, gloveless, guide assisted, zip line braking system. This allows all ages to zip without the fear of braking themselves
  • We provide true tree top to tree top, Costa Rican canopy style adventure
  • We offer low impact courses - short climb of 12 steps over a 5' incline to a platform, then you are off and soaring on our zip lines
  • We are family friendly, all ages, all abilities and athletic skill levels can enjoy the thrill of zipping - minimum weight 50 lbs - maximum weight 270 lbs
  • Once you arrive at eXplore Brown County, your journey begins as you climb aboard our jungle safari ride we call the "WOODY" Hang on as the Deuce winds along rugged back country roads taking you to your zip line destination. As you step out onto our welcoming stage, you will feel your adrenaline rise as you look around and begin to see how high and far you are about to travel on cables anchored from tree to tree and tower to tower.  Before you take your trip, we will take you through an orientation and training session. We will answer all of your questions and make sure that you are comfortable with all of the equipment and the course.
  • The Canopy Tour covers it all - slow zips, fast zips, over ravines and sky-bridges, crossing hills, shooting out over the lake and ending with a rappel down the tower, eXploring Brown County like you have never done before!
  • After your tour, the "WOODY" will be waiting to take you back where you began your adventure – BUT - are you daring enough to do it again? You will never experience and view Brown County quite the same again.
  • eXplore Brown County strives for safety first and your complete satisfaction.  We would like to thank you for choosing us to be a part of your adventure in life and look forward to having you return.

All zips and tours require the use of our safety inspected equipment which we provide, compliance with all rules and regulation and a signed, completed Wavier prior to boarding the “WOODY". NOTE: Everyone in your group can sign the same waiver.  

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eXplore Brown County is a member of the ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology). The ACCT is responsible for setting standards for course operators and works directly with American National Standards Institute.

XBC has always met the ACCT's course guidelines and follow the strict standards set by the leading industry in Challenge Course & Zip-line/Canopy Tour technology. eXplore Brown County prides itself in providing a low risk environment for families, groups and friends to enjoy the great outdoors. Meeting those standards to provide quality activities with expected daily, weekly, monthly and yearly inspections has always been XBC's priority and mission. 



eXplorer Canopy Tour - a world-class course - 5 zips (#4-8), 2 Sky Bridges and Rappel. Allow 2 - 2,5 hours for this tour | $75 per person
Add our Leap of Faith bridge and rappel for $10 more

Zip On! Tour - 5 zips(#1-3, 9 & 10) includes 2 Twins. Allow 1.5 - 2 hours | $70 per person

The SCREAMER Tour! | 1220' & 420" Twin Zips - 1/4 mile twin racing zips 9 & 10 designed for speed - up to 45 mph. Allow 1 hour | $35 per person | Reserved for groups of 8+, call for bookings

Sneak Peek Tour - 3 zips (#1-3) Designed especially with first timers in mind. Allow 45 minutes | $35 per person

Night Flight Tours Friday & Saturday - June through October - Headlamps, Tiki lit decks 60' in the air, the moon, the stars, Zip On! into the darkness, choose from 2 tours
Escape Tour - Allow 1 hour | $45 per person
Expedition Tour - Allow 2.5 hours | $80 per person

Be A Super Hero Flight

Super Hero Tour - Three Flights – It's a bird, it's a plane -Soar like Superman over a 60' wooded ravine. Turn and fly back again...you are flying, suspended in the air. Everyone feels like a hero with this experience. Allow 45 minutes | $25 per person. 
Make it a Zip Top Shot - We supply you with a paintball gun, you shoot at hubcaps as you fly through the air like a hero! | $30 per person